Hi! Name's Natalie, & here's a bit about me!


I'm just a simple born & raised Southern California livin' Mama. I am wife'd up to an amazing man, & together we are raising our two wild souls. I am a full time Professional Newborn & Baby Photographer who recently discovered a love for sharing my story & everyday moments. I just want to keep it real with y'all, in every way that I can. I drop the f-bomb a lot, love a good conversation & am most comfortable in my birks. I always save room for dessert-- because anything sweet is my life, and I'm always up for a good fucking time. I am driven, hard willed, & will never back down from a challenge. My life isn't perfect-- I suck at cooking, laundry is always waiting to be folded or put away, & some days I struggle with anxiety- but everyday I wake up & thank my lucky stars to be living the life that I'm living. I don't want to come off as having it all together, because many days I am a hot mess of a mama, shuffling my kids around trying to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, & 9 times out of 10-- I have. I've come to find that I am not intrigued by people who have it all together. I will show you my flaws & vulnerabilities, as I am growing. I am not the same person I was last year, & will not be this same person next year.

So welcome, this me is in all of my glory.