Priorities & Getting it Done


I've gotten a couple of questions of how I balance everything. Kids, (school, pre school, baseball, basketball, speech, etc.) work, marriage, & gym. I can give you the short answer, which is, I don't. But I'll also explain. There are so many things, that we as mothers have to do on the daily. For me a typical day consists of waking up at 6:30AM, making my coffee, (CRUCIAL) taking my older son to school, dropping my younger son off at pre-school OR speech, working (either at home or at a session,) hitting the gym, & then getting home to help with homework, & make dinner. Weekends are filled with my sessions, & Brae's sports. If that sounds like a fuck ton of things to do in a day, that's because it is! I do get a lot of help from family as well, if I need to drop Troy off to get an errand done quicker, or if I have an appointment, I usually schedule them on days I know that my parents or in laws can watch them. I can't express enough how lucky I am to have both sets of parent's so close by & so supportive, its a HUGE help. 

Something that my husband & I have prioritized over the years, is our marriage. When we had our first son, we prioritized parenting & work. My husband had just started his career, & we were new, young parents. Everyone told us to schedule weekly date nights, & to not get lost in parenting. Well, we didn't listen & our relationship suffered significantly. After making a decision to fight for our relationship, we decided to make our relationship the #1 priority. We changed some habits & really worked on how we treated our relationship, & each other. It meant nurturing each other, even when we were fighting.  Also, when we were fighting, to make a conscious effort to really make it a progressive fight where we work together to solve what we are arguing about. I mean we're definitely not marriage counselors, & we aren't perfect, but I can say that our relationship has been it's best, & we have been our happiest since we have put our marriage first, & my heart is truly happy with this man-- the happiest it's ever been.

Now onto the good stuff! Something I have learned with these crazy schedules is to prepare as much as I can beforehand. My husband usually prepares Brae's sports stuff the night before, so that's already taken care of, I'm trying to get on that "prepare their lunch the night before" bandwagon, but I just can't seem to! It's just not for me, so I make their lunches in the morning.I run errands in between dropping B + T off at school, I have an hour to kill, so instead of heading home, I go to the grocery store & do our daily/weekly shopping. It really surprised me how much I was able to do in one hour!

For the gym, I signed the kids up for the daycare that they provide there. It costs $10 per child, but if it means I have the freedom of going to the gym, uninterrupted for an hour, I'll gladly give up Starbucks coffee to budget for that. Not to mention, that they love it there! They get to play with other littles, so they really enjoy it.

Now for the fun one-- housework. This one of very up & down for us. My husband & I have prioritized the things we really care about. For me it's dished & making sure that our downstairs is clean & clutter free. I hate clutter & feel that it makes me anxious. My husband has taken over laundry (YEESS!) which really helps. Most of the time he just throws the loads in & hang dries/dries the clothes. We fold together occasionally, or I fold & put the clothes back. Since he's in charge of laundry, I do find that it gets done rather slowly, so often times we have piles of laundry waiting to be folded 😂 but since it's not something I prioritize, I don't even mind it 🤷🏻‍♀️ Matt also does a bulk of the cooking, because honestly, I SUCK at it, & his is just much yummier! I should also note that my Mom comes once a month to help with deep cleaning of the whole entire house.


What I have found that works for us, & our season of life, is to prioritize. Do I feel it's necessary to vacuum every day, or even week? No. Do I feel horrible for letting laundry pile up? Not anymore! Do I get on the kids to clean their toys up every night? I don't.. but I definitely need to.

What I'm trynna say is that there are things that I find are important, that you might not & vice versa. If you're a single mom, or a mom who doesn't live by family, or even if you do & find that there is so much on your plate, I recommend making a list of the things you find most important & tackle those first. I'm able to do most of my things because I've found a way to manage my time to acquire enough, that my priorities get done. I don't get my hair done often (maybe once a year,) but do find time to get my nails done. I don't go to Starbucks every day/week anymore because I'd rather spend that money on other things I truly want/need. I don't do my hair or make up & put little effort into outfits on my crazy days, because if I want to keep my sanity, I just want to get 30 more minutes of sleep or just time to chill the fuck out.

How do you guys keep up with your schedules, & getting everything done? I definitely have NOT perfected it, & would love suggestions as well!