Creating Self Love


A bit ago, I posted an image of myself, in a crop top & folded my jeans to show my mama belly. I had Troy on my shoulders, & spun him around a couple of times. I felt so uncomfortable taking these images-- my stomach is one of my biggest insecurities. I've seen a couple of images of mama's with loose skin showing off their tummies, many of them with a serious or frown face. I wanted to showcase my very real, & very ME body in a happy & real setting. I was really nervous before I posted it, & even texted my mama friends for some advice.

Starting this blog has really opened my eyes to Social Media, & blogging in general, & I see sooooo much perfection. Like fuck. It's so unhealthy to constantly see perfection after perfection, & after a while it really starts to skew reality. I'm not a cookie cutter mom. I don't have the patience to look up & do crafts on Pinterest (even though I tried to do that for a while,) I'm not room mom, & I'm not gung ho about the PTA, or school events. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I can tell you what kind of mom I am. I am a fierce Mom. One who will do anything to protect her cubs. I am their main advocate, & I support their decisions. I teach them manners, lessons, & discipline them. I am fun, & still hip in their eyes-- at this age I am their friend, & the enforcer. To be honest, my only goal with my kids right now is to make sure they are healthy, happy, & that they aren't entitled little assholes. I threw you with that last one didn't I? That may not be P.C. but guess what else I'm not? Yup, politically correct. Although, you will never catch me talking politics or hot topics on social media.

ANYWAY,  back to the subject. I am human, & I have many insecurities. I am learning to love myself through them. I can go on & on about what my insecurities are, but that's not important. We've ALL got them. Yes, even that super perfect looking mom has some. For the longest time, I was on a quest to find self love physically. Silly me thought that self love meant loving every single part of myself, & not having any insecurities. Not to say that that's not possible, but what I've found on my journey is that it's okay to be insecure about some stuff and STILL love yourself anyway. Yes, I have loose skin on my stomach-- but I still love myself. Yes, my boobs are saggy (sorry to the very few, if any, men who are reading this,) Yes, my hips are wider, but I'm still a bad ass bitch. I birthed two humans. I GREW & PUSHED TWO HUMANS OUT OF MY BODY. My body will never look physically perfect, but I love myself. I love what my body has gone through. I have put it through hell & back with weight gain & weight loss, & it has never done me dirty. I'm embracing my mom bod. It's not the normal mom body you'll see on Insta or any other social media, but it is a body that many of us Mama's have. Also, I am not only my body, I am a fierce Mama, a loyal wife, & a loving daughter & friend. My intellectual qualities far outweigh my physical ones, but we'll delve into that kind of self love in another post!

I guess my take away from this post is this-- don't exhaust yourself LOOKING for self love, create it. Little by little every day. Find new, & old things to love about yourself. You don't need to love every single aspect, just love yourself as a whole.

Yes! If I'm wearing low cut pants, my tummy has a roll. TOTES NORMAL, & I'm sure 80% of women have the same!

Yes! If I'm wearing low cut pants, my tummy has a roll. TOTES NORMAL, & I'm sure 80% of women have the same!

Thank you for stopping by, & EXTRA thank you if you actually read this whole thing. If you took anything away from this post I hope it's to LOVE YA SELF. 🖤